Wednesday, July 18, 2007

02 Mary Had A Little Leg

Mary had a little leg
It's sores were red and green
And everywhere her colon goes
Her foot pertrudes between

It followed her to the grave one day
It was beside the pool
And every time it kicked the cop
It bounced across the mule

While on my way through clear blue skies
I stopped and ordered a shake with fries
I noticed something in my shorts
And this verse really doesn't belong with the rest of this. First of all it doesn't rhyme. I think I'll delete this end bit.....

01 For All A Gun Fight

Twas the night before Thursday and outside the door
Not a wookie was stirring, not even a whore
Upstairs in the attic and bleeding in bed
With visions of Nixon who's long since been dead
For those who feel super or those with frost bite
Mary's anus for all and for all a gun fight!